Hacking is about altering parameters, undiscovered pathways, and transmuting human errors to create change. A hacker is someone who finds new ways to make things work.

How To Raise a Hacker is more than a memoir of my journey from a Brooklyn group home to becoming an educator and entrepreneur. Along the way, I met the most incredible people along the way who inspired me to help pioneer a global movement that lifted the aspirations of youth to “hack” the world using technology.

My book and this following excerpt is about those who made my story possible and is both manual and memoir of how they did it, how I did it, and awakening the hacker in us all.

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Excerpts from How To Raise A Hacker (2022)


Emeryville Councilmember-Elect | Hacktivist Educator | 3X Entrepreneur | Black Afro-Latine | Buddhist | Vegan | Gamer | Democrat | Just a kid from Brooklyn