A Hacker in City Hall

Happy Indigenous Day!

On this day, known as Thanksgiving to many, I pay homage to this unceded Ohlone land and acknowledge the Wampanoag people.

Took a while to post about election results, but honestly, I waited for most of the votes to come in to see if our lead would maintain. Oh and Wakanda Forever was coming out - so I was a bit distracted. Wakanda Forever!

We won and we won big. Thanks to you Emeryville, more than half of the registered voter electorate participated in our democracy. Out of that 50%, more than half of you voted for me in a five way race. During a midterm! It’s unprecedented!

And because of you, I am the first Haitian-American elected official for the Bay Area and maybe for the entire state - still waiting to hear back from historians on that. 

And to my knowledge, I am also the first Afro-Latine in the Bay Area to become an elected official. This is exciting for my people and for my incredible team, Mia, Jumal, and Ty for having my back and pushing me forward.

For the BIPOC progressive movement, which I’m proud to be part of, for foster kids who have considered suicide when they felt their lives were burdens to the world rather than gifts. I know the holidays are a hard time for us, your family is out there. They will find you, just don’t be afraid to put your heart and your incredible mind out there for them to find.

Special thank you to my partner and daughter for their emotional and behind the scenes support.

To my church, thank you for your prayers.

To those who donated to my campaign, I plan to release a separate video just for y'all. You made my movement real and you made the sacrifice that got me through. This win is for you!

To those who endorsed me, thanks for taking a chance on this noob and I will be meeting with you to discuss next steps.

For those who didn’t vote for me, I will work hard to earn your next vote, and for those who voted for this kid from Brooklyn, thank you for being the change you wanted to see in the world.

The contest is over. Now begins the work of governance. I will be releasing a much longer written statement that outlines my expectations going forward and the next steps for my agenda leading to my December 12th swearing in and beyond.

Congratulations to David Mourra for winning the second seat. I look forward to working alongside you, and please give my kindest regards to your family.

And congratulations to my newly elected progressive officials throughout the Bay Area, too many to name because collectively we encouraged our voters to show up to the polls and now it’s time that we show up for them.

This is a moment of change, a shift in our political discourse, and a distribution of power that belongs in the hands of the people.